OnePageCRM API Challenge

Kevin Farrell 12 Jul 2018

Everything has an API. So can we connect everything? I love writing and designing code. But writing about writing code, well not so much. So to motivate myself to write this post I decided to set myself a coding challenge.

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Sage Integration

Matt Moran 15 Jun 2018

Here at OnePageCRM, we’ve started working on an integration with Sage, an online accounting application.

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Detecting a call with CallKit

Elano Vasconcelos 24 May 2018

OnePageCRM automatically opens a call result form, following the end of a phone call, so users can log it easily in the CRM.

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CodeNinja Results

Cillian Myles 26 Apr 2018

The results are in... CodeNinja concludes after its third year running in Galway, crowning this years winner!

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Managing webhooks with AWS services

Paweł Smoliński 12 Apr 2018

Here in OnePageCRM we are utilizing some of Amazon Web Services in order to provide the best CRM system on the planet. One of our latest features, which is currently in a closed beta program, is email sync which is being provided by our partner Nylas.

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Rails to AWS lambda: JSON Web Tokens

Liam Krewer 08 Mar 2018

JWTs are a well defined standard for creating, signing, verifying, encrypting and decrypting web tokens

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Rails to AWS lambda: Communication and authentication

Liam Krewer 02 Mar 2018

Here at OnePageCRM our stack predominantly consists of a Ruby on Rails backend with a coffeescript Frontend of ReactJS and some legacy JQuery

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Connecting with Gmail - The elusive refresh token

John Maguire 23 Jan 2018

Here at OnePageCRM we recently released a new beta feature where we integrated with the Gmail API.

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CodeNinja Introduction

Cillian Myles 14 Nov 2017

CodeNinja is a competition for students to build an app / game

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From Features to Microservices - Intro

Leonard Reidy 13 Oct 2017

The conversation about microservices has been heating up

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Organizations for Mobile

Elano Vasconcelos 05 May 2017

The mobile version 3.4.0 of OnePageCRM is out for iOS and Android and one of the big changes in this version is the way it handles organizations (originally called companies).

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All about APIs @ Galway Developer Meetup

Paweł Smoliński 03 Mar 2017

Working in a SaaS company, we regularly deal with and come across APIs. Examples here would include; writing clients for them, creating & updating our own API or even in some cases, using other ones without even knowing about them.

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Writing React - Part 1 : Coffeescript

Liam Krewer 09 Dec 2016

Last week I gave a talk on building a chess game using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS...

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Working with timezones (Swift)

Elano Vasconcelos 02 Dec 2016

The new OnePageCRM mobile app for iOS was developed in Swift 2.3 and one of many things that I needed to worry about was timezones.

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The Tale of Developers PC - Part 1

Paweł Smoliński 25 Nov 2016

We, as developers, are spending most of our time with computers...

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Remote Working - Get out of the house!

John Maguire 18 Nov 2016

Last year I moved to Germany and was lucky enough to continue working here at OnePageCRM.

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Android Development Questions [2]

Cillian Myles 11 Nov 2016

In a recent interview, I was asked some general questions about Android development. I thought it might be cool to share my answers with you guys.

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Android Development Questions [1]

Cillian Myles 04 Nov 2016

In a recent interview, I was asked some general questions about Android development. I thought it might be cool to share my answers with you guys.

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We're Still Here

Cillian Myles 28 Oct 2016

It has been exactly one year today since the last developer blog post. Following last week’s retrospective meeting, we collectively (development team) decided to make more of an effort to post more regularly.

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Android Speed Dialer

Cillian Myles 28 Oct 2015

Busy sales people lead very busy lives, so any way you can help in making their lives marginally less busy, will guarantee your popularity among them. This post briefly outlines the development of the OnePageCRM Speed Dialer app from a technical viewpoint.

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Moving On

Peter Armstrong 27 Aug 2015

Today is my last day working at OnePageCRM and this will be my last post on the developer blog.

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API Client Ruby Gem

Peter Armstrong 21 Jul 2015

I have published a basic API wrapper to The gem does not abstract all API calls to ruby methods but simply gives the GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods. The gem handles the authentication with the OnePageCRM API.

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Rails Girls Galway

Peter Armstrong 01 Jul 2015

Last weekend I helped out with a Rails Girls event in Galway, Ireland. The event was being held just up the road from our main office, it was a great way to get in touch with a local community of existing and potential Rails developers.

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Arguments Over Software

Peter Armstrong 28 May 2015

Religious arguments over software are commonplace in most technology companies, and OnePageCRM is no different. The current argument here is between two great communication tools, Slack and HipChat. The team hasn't decided what to use yet, but the evaluation process is valuable in itself.

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Git Pre-Commit Hooks

Peter Armstrong 11 Feb 2015

I recently wrote a short article on how we use Mercurial pre-commit hooks to stop debug code from reaching our development servers. The team has just completed a transition to Git, so here's an updated article about our Git pre-commit hooks.

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The OnePageCRM Library

Peter Armstrong 26 Jan 2015

When I started working here in OnePageCRM nearly a year ago, I was asked to read three books to learn more about the company culture.

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Mercurial Precommit Hooks

Peter Armstrong 18 Dec 2014

Mercurial precommit hooks let you prevent rouge code getting committed to your repository. At OnePageCRM, we use it to stop debugging information reaching our development servers.

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API Rate Limit

Peter Armstrong 11 Nov 2014

Due to a large number of calls coming from some IP addresses, from the 13th of November 2014 we will be rate limiting calls to the OnePageCRM API.

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API Updates

Ruairi Fahy 12 Aug 2014

Last week we released an update to the OnePageCRM API . These changes were needed due to some internal changes to OnePageCRM and to simplify the codebase maintenance and testing. The changes should be beneficial for everybody using the API as it is now much more stable.

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Fish Shell

Peter Armstrong 11 Aug 2014

I've been using Linux since 2007 and have been constantly learning more shell terminal tricks. I recently changed my default shell from Bash to Fish Shell, and I really love the improvement. It's easy to install and comes with loads of features out of the box. Read on to see how to install and configure Fish.

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API Tools Updated

Ruairi Fahy 21 Jul 2014

Lately we have been focusing on making it easier for developers to use the OnePageCRM API. We've put together an API browser and a new python client.

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So many Integrations, such little time

Dan Fahy 16 Jun 2014

When I started working in OnePageCRM I was amazed by the seemly endless number of applications we and our customers dealt with. A lot of the time, I mixed them up and wondered why there were so many similar applications. I have only recently understood why this is, from an unlikely source.

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Helpscout Integration

Peter Armstrong 12 Jun 2014

We have recently completed an integration with Helpscout, a great help desk application. This integration was super simple and doesn't use either API. Here's how we did it.

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The Beauty of Ultrahook

John Maguire 03 Jun 2014

While webhooks are providing new and exciting ways for us to develop web applications and have them integrate with each other, it can often be quite tiresome to push your entire project to a development server just to test every little fix you make. Here's how you could use Ultrahook to help during development.

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Email addresses everywhere!

Peter Armstrong 30 May 2014

OnePageCRM uses an email address as the unique account identifier. This means that you can only have a single OnePageCRM account per email address. Our team uses different ways to get around this during testing.

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Create Contact via URL

Peter Armstrong 04 Apr 2014

We recently released a really simple way to create a new contact. You can use URL parameters to automatically populate the Add Contact form in your OnePageCRM account. Click on the link and your OnePageCRM account will open on the Add Contact page with the form already populated.

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Fun with Webhooks

Peter Armstrong 01 Apr 2014

Dan is working with us here at OnePageCRM. He's planning to make a 'deal bell' that rings when someone closes a deal in OnePageCRM.

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Using the OnePageCRM API with Ruby

Peter Armstrong 14 Mar 2014

I have created a short ruby script to help getting started with the OnePageCRM API. The script is available on the OnePageCRM Github profile. It contains a small subsection of calls and functions available using the API.

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Living with Salespeople

Peter Armstrong 13 Mar 2014

OnePageCRM’s Galway headquarters are currently being renovated and the accommodation is slightly cramped at the moment. I’ve moved into the same room as the sales team, and while this has it’s disadvantages (no space for my second monitor!), it’s not a big problem for me. Like many developers, I like to program with earphones on - sometimes I play blues rock, sometimes it’s something more upbeat - but sometimes like to leave the music off and listen to what’s going on in the office. I listen to the sales team, their discussions, their planning sessions and most interestingly, their phone calls.

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