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Email addresses everywhere!

Peter Armstrong, 30 May 2014

OnePageCRM uses an email address as the unique account identifier. This means that you can only have a single OnePageCRM account per email address. Our team uses different ways to get around this during testing....

Create Contact via URL

Peter Armstrong, 04 Apr 2014

We recently released a really simple way to create a new contact. You can use URL parameters to automatically populate the Add Contact form in your OnePageCRM account. Click on the link and your OnePageCRM...

Fun with Webhooks

Peter Armstrong, 01 Apr 2014

Dan is working with us here at OnePageCRM. He's planning to make a 'deal bell' that rings when someone closes a deal in OnePageCRM.

Using the OnePageCRM API with Ruby

Peter Armstrong, 14 Mar 2014

I have created a short ruby script to help getting started with the OnePageCRM API. The script is available on the OnePageCRM Github profile. It contains a small subsection of calls and functions available using...
Living with Salespeople

Living with Salespeople

Peter Armstrong, 13 Mar 2014

OnePageCRM’s Galway headquarters are currently being renovated and the accommodation is slightly cramped at the moment. I’ve moved into the same room as the sales team, and while this has it’s disadvantages (no space for...