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From Features to Microservices - Intro

Leonard Reidy, 13 Oct 2017

The conversation about microservices has been heating up

Organizations for Mobile

Elano Vasconcelos, 05 May 2017

The mobile version 3.4.0 of OnePageCRM is out for iOS and Android and one of the big changes in this version is the way it handles organizations (originally called companies).
All about APIs @ Galway Developer Meetup

All about APIs @ Galway Developer Meetup

Paweł Smoliński, 03 Mar 2017

Working in a SaaS company, we regularly deal with and come across APIs. Examples here would include; writing clients for them, creating & updating our own API or even in some cases, using other ones...
Writing React - Part 1 : Coffeescript

Writing React - Part 1 : Coffeescript

Liam Krewer, 09 Dec 2016

Last week I gave a talk on building a chess game using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS...
Working with timezones (Swift)

Working with timezones (Swift)

Elano Vasconcelos, 02 Dec 2016

The new OnePageCRM mobile app for iOS was developed in Swift 2.3 and one of many things that I needed to worry about was timezones.

The Tale of Developers PC - Part 1

Paweł Smoliński, 25 Nov 2016

We, as developers, are spending most of our time with computers...