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Rails Girls Galway

Peter Armstrong, 01 Jul 2015

Last weekend I helped out with a Rails Girls event in Galway, Ireland. The event was being held just up the road from our main office, it was a great way to get in touch...

Arguments Over Software

Peter Armstrong, 28 May 2015

Religious arguments over software are commonplace in most technology companies, and OnePageCRM is no different. The current argument here is between two great communication tools, Slack and HipChat. The team hasn't decided what to use...

Git Pre-Commit Hooks

Peter Armstrong, 11 Feb 2015

I recently wrote a short article on how we use Mercurial pre-commit hooks to stop debug code from reaching our development servers. The team has just completed a transition to Git, so here's an updated...
The OnePageCRM Library

The OnePageCRM Library

Peter Armstrong, 26 Jan 2015

When I started working here in OnePageCRM nearly a year ago, I was asked to read three books to learn more about the company culture.
Mercurial Precommit Hooks

Mercurial Precommit Hooks

Peter Armstrong, 18 Dec 2014

Mercurial precommit hooks let you prevent rouge code getting committed to your repository. At OnePageCRM, we use it to stop debugging information reaching our development servers.

API Rate Limit

Peter Armstrong, 11 Nov 2014

Due to a large number of calls coming from some IP addresses, from the 13th of November 2014 we will be rate limiting calls to the OnePageCRM API.