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Fish Shell

Peter Armstrong, 11 Aug 2014

I've been using Linux since 2007 and have been constantly learning more shell terminal tricks. I recently changed my default shell from Bash to Fish Shell, and I really love the improvement. It's easy to...

API Tools Updated

Ruairi Fahy, 21 Jul 2014

Lately we have been focusing on making it easier for developers to use the OnePageCRM API. We've put together an API browser and a new python client.

So many Integrations, such little time

Dan Fahy, 16 Jun 2014

When I started working in OnePageCRM I was amazed by the seemly endless number of applications we and our customers dealt with. A lot of the time, I mixed them up and wondered why there...

Helpscout Integration

Peter Armstrong, 12 Jun 2014

We have recently completed an integration with Helpscout, a great help desk application. This integration was super simple and doesn't use either API. Here's how we did it.

The Beauty of Ultrahook

John Maguire, 03 Jun 2014

While webhooks are providing new and exciting ways for us to develop web applications and have them integrate with each other, it can often be quite tiresome to push your entire project to a development...

Email addresses everywhere!

Peter Armstrong, 30 May 2014

OnePageCRM uses an email address as the unique account identifier. This means that you can only have a single OnePageCRM account per email address. Our team uses different ways to get around this during testing....