Create Contact via URL

You can use URL parameters to automatically populate the Add Contact form in your OnePageCRM account.

Click on the link and your OnePageCRM account will open on the Add Contact page with the form already populated.

For example, you can quickly add Johnny Bravo to your contacts list by going to this URL:[]=beefcake


We think there’s loads of situations this could come in handy. For example, if you run an online shop, you may want to add some of your best customers to OnePageCRM for the support team to follow up with at a later date.

As the records come into your internal database, you could add a link to each one.

JohnnyBravoCartoon NetworkAdd to OnePageCRM
Kung FooPandaDreamworksAdd to OnePageCRM

Clicking on a link will open OnePageCRM in a new tab, with the Add Contact form open and filled out with the relevant details.

quick contact

You can then edit the contacts details, and when you are happy, hit save.


This feature will work on most parameters in the create contact form. Currently it won’t work with the address and lead source fields, or custom fields. Network&tags[]=beefcake& tried to hit on me&status=prospect
companyCartoon Network
phone+555 555
backgroundJohny tried to hit on me

Tags are stored as an array, so tags[] is the parameter required.For each tag, you will need to pass in a separate tags[] parameter. For example:[]=beefcake&tags[]=pompadour