Android Development Questions [2]

In a recent interview, I was asked some general questions about Android development. I thought it might be cool to share my answers with you guys.

I have split the questions and answers up into two parts. Since this is part 2, head on over and read part 1 before starting.

8) Why do you think the Android Developer job is a hot one?

I think Android has seen such a large increase in popularity / demand, due to the fact that people want absolutely expect to have good experience on the devices in their pockets. Gone are the days where people are willing to click the request desktop site option in the phone's browser.

9) Who hires an Android Developer and what does he or she do?

Lots of companies have mobile, and more specifically Android developers. It makes sense for any company who has mobile app(s), or who actively develops mobile apps, to have in-house Android developer(s). Depending on the size of the company / team / app, their daily tasks may vary slightly but they all will develop / maintain some codebase(s).

10) What are the skills (both soft and technical) needed to do this job? What kind of technical knowledge does he or she need?

Exact technical skills and their levels will fluctuate slightly depending on the exact requirements of the project. The softer skills, however, are usually pretty constant. He / she needs to be confident designing, creating and understanding functional specifications, solving problems, communicating effectively with colleagues and customers to name a few.

11) What are the broader and more specific job responsibilities?

Specific: maintaining codebase(s), designing software components. Broader: understanding app release lifecycles, user behaviour, user interface and user experience basic concepts at minimum.

12) What kind of education does he or she need?

Education does not require knowledge. And just because someone is educated, does not mean that they really know anything, or can apply what they know to other situations. Though in saying that, if someone did not have some technical education e.g. bachelor's degree, the person hiring may wish to see something more substantial for their experience or personal projects for example.

13) If you were hiring an Android Developer, what are the five most import questions you would ask a candidate?

1. Name / link an app that you think has an excellent design. Briefly describe the reasons you chose this app.

2. Name / link an app that you think has an excellent user experience. Briefly describe the reasons you chose this app.

3. Tell me about the project you're involved with, about which you are the most excited.

4. What are the 3 things which make a great mobile app?

5. Tell me about open-source software. Do you think that the idea is a powerful one? Use mobile as the basis for your answer.

14) What is the salary range for an Android Developer?

In Ireland I believe it's somewhere in the range €25,000 - €60,000 per year depending on experience.

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