Android Development Questions [1]

In a recent interview, I was asked some general questions about Android development. I thought it might be cool to share my answers with you guys.

I have split the questions and answers up into two parts. So this will be part 1, and part 2 will follow next week.

1) What the hell do you do every day? :)

My daily can vary depending on what's going on at the time, but mostly it stays relatively similar. It usually consists of things like email, meetings, monitoring technical support mailbox and developer forum, and of course (the largest part of my day) - Android development. :)

2) How did you get this job?

I finished my undergrad in Electronic & Computer Engineering, having done a six month internship as a software engineer during this time. I was at a point where I had done really well in my exams / college / internship, and had multiple job offers to choose from. I chose the company which I believed had the greatest potential for growth (for the company and myself).

3) What skills did you have?

Any skills I had in terms of software development specifically, were acquired either from my internship or from my own learning. College was also a great source of more general skills which are important as a (software) engineer. Mathematics for example, while not directly applicable to software engineering, teaches skills like logical and analytical thinking.

4) What skills did you learn since?

I like to think a lot, don't we all! In terms of tech though, I have learned a lot more about Android, Java, working with APIs, object-oriented programming, testing, threading / processes, linux, servers. More general skills learned include communicating effectively with colleagues and customers, and project management.

5) What did no one warn you about being an android developer?

It can be a very daunting job at times. In an age where most things are so good they are usually measured by what's wrong with them rather than what's right with them, Android apps are no different. If something is wrong with your app, the best case scenario is they take the time to send you an email detailing these shortcomings before swiftly un-installing your app.

6) If you were hiring another android developer, what would you look for?

Someone looking for a job in technology has to be technically capable (obviously), and relatively intelligent. After that the most important things are personality traits, willingness to learn new things / technologies, genuine interest in Android / mobile / software, someone who thinks about things like UX or feature testing in their spare time. :-D

7) What is your current job title?

My current title is Software Engineer.

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