We're Still Here

It has been exactly one year today since the last developer blog post. Following last week’s retrospective meeting, we collectively (development team) decided to make more of an effort to post more regularly.

We isolated the reason as being - it was not any one person’s job to ensure that content was being released regularly.

In any case, we are going to be releasing content more regularly, and hopefully you guys enjoy it. I think, taking in account the year break, that we will keep today’s post short and sweet.

We just wanted to get the message out that we are still here, and content is coming. In the coming weeks, I plan to post a series of questions I was asked recently in an interview in relation Android development.

Bye for now, Cillian.

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Cillian Myles

Our in-house lead Android engineer, API consumer, and technical jargon translator. Cillian enjoys great design, smart defaults, power-user features, olympic weightlifting and is vegan.